Storybooks showing the different sizes and the presentation case.Storybooks from ICG Visual Imaging.

We have packaged the storybooks in such a way that will give you up to seven wedding albums and presented in an attaché case.

You can get up to seven albums in an A4 storybook package and five in a 10x10 storybook package. Both packages will include the main album, plus two parents albums and either two (10x10 package) or four (A4 package) guest albums presented in an attaché case.

This demonstration contains the front cover and just six spreads, Our range of storybooks start with 10 double page spreads or 20 pages and go up to 30 double page spreads or 60 pages, and you can still add more pages should you need to. Our animation suggests thin pages, but an actual storybook album comes with thick laminated card and book bound.

To see the demonstration just click the right hand corners of our book below.

Click the corners of our book to see the animation.